what is V-share

V-share is a community where people cooperate to help each other. This is a worldwide donation system that believes itself to be a special product thanks to which people all over the world can provide financial help for those who really need it, and vice versa. It means that all the transmitted bankrolls to another member are done by the person's own goodwill. it a community which is based on mutual respect and understand toward one and other

* To every institution there always a precept *

  • 30 % of what you provide
  • No Guider
  • 5 % Referer bonus
  • Provide help after three(3) days
  • Automatic Confirmation after 48hrs
  • Automatic Withdraw
  • DownLine, of 100 active participants you will win 41 inch LED Television
  • 1,000,000 active participants toyota corrola
  • 5,000,000 active participants (10 million)