V-share charity

As we all know Charity is the act of giving help to those in need of it. it is a humanitarian act. it involves giving money, good or time and effort to those who need it. it is done without expecting something in return. That is why V-Share community with partners come together to make this work in our midst.. Giving money, food and other things to the poor, the sick or the people out there need our help

Our Mission

V-share is Community dedicated to working with children, families, and communities to overcome a lack of food, poverty, and homelessness. Following our Christian beliefs, we are committed to working with the world's most needy people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender. V-share Community is a global partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by working with the poor to transform lives and share the good news of the Kingdom of God. Wherever we work, our prayer is that our efforts will be used by God to heal and strengthen people's relationships with Him and with one another. We do this by demonstrating God's unconditional love for all people through our service to the poor - which includes providing for daily needs, working to build peace and promote justice, and partnering with churches and individuals to encourage spiritual transformation. We bring food, clothing, toys and other needed items to orphanages, homeless shelters and other places assisting the underprivileged. We provide humanitarian relief, teach underprivileged individuals about sustainability and how to achieve it: and minister and pray to these individuals. We especially focus on going to areas that most organizations do not go, such as the remote Indonesian islands. We have worked in most cases with a local Christian church, providing the resources and help generally for them to carry the responsibility for the services being provided, so they are in fact ministering to the poor in their own locality.

Our Vision Statement

V-share Charity exists to show a caring face to a hurting world. There are so many people in our world that just barely exist. Billions survive on less than a couple of dollars a day. Many suffer from poor health, little or no food, they're drinking polluted water, if they can get it. And we believe that as Christians we have a responsibility to reach out to these people and make a difference. V-share Charity works to facilitate people's development to the point where they are empowered to take care of themselves. Your donations don't just buy things, they buy solutions. Our vision is working with people to help them find a way to solve their own dilemmas. Many of the children we have encountered in various countries are children who live or work on the streets. These children have no one to protect them and are subject to both sexual and financial exploitation, as well as the dangers of drugs, rape, violence, HIV/AIDS, and poverty. V-share Charity is helping children who have no place else to turn, children who are all alone, and on the edge of survival. These children desperately need help and hope. We support Christian orphanages that help provide abandoned or neglected children with a safe place to live and give them one-on-one care. Charity International Inc. will provide assistance to orphanages for what they need to help the maximum amount of lives in their area. Our aim is to rescue and restore young lives broken by poverty, oppression, exclusion, abuse, and to provide appropriate opportunities for a better future for them as well as their future generations.